Jun 19, 2011

RV Bathroom Remodel

When we bought our fifth wheel, the bathtub had a crack in it that someone attempted to fix without success. But we got such a good deal, we figured we could replace the bathtub and go on. Ha! Have you ever tried to remove an RV bathtub? Not only did we have to remove the bathtub, the plastic walls had to come out too.

Before pictures

Instead of buying the same bathtub as was in there, I thought I'd be brilliant and get one I could actually soak in if I needed to. All went well until it came time to hook up the plumbing. With the bathtub in place, when I looked down the drain, I saw the corner of the fresh water tank. It turns out that the bathtub with the seat and the regular bathtub have different alignments for the drain! Who knew? Unfortunately, I had received the bathtub right before going to stay at my Mom's to house sit for her, and the return policy of the company I ordered from is 30 days. Oops! Well I had to figure out how to make it work. Here's how I did it. I got a 2 inch thick piece of styrofoam to raise up the bathtub enough to give me room to use a flexible pipe to make the connection. I don't have a final picture of the connection, but here's a mid-way pic.
Once that was done, I then had to install new walls. I chose to use Fiberglass Reinforced Panels from a big box store. After much hard work and figuring things out on the fly, here is the final result!

What do you think? We love it!


  1. So after three years post-install how did it hold up for you? I've been thinking of doing this myself but I'm not the handiest guy...

  2. Well done! I'll certainly subscribe to this page. I've been given an older fifth wheel and the bathroom needs work.